Equity. Opportunity. Access.

Jamie will never back down for society’s most vulnerable, promising to always serve as an advocate and ally. Your race, religion, gender, or gender identity should never determine your life chances. In the state legislature, she will fight for equal rights, equitable education, and equal economic opportunity. Jamie will stand up for District 37’s youth, diversity, quality of life, public education, environment, access to higher education, and infrastructure.

Champion for Youth

Jamie specializes in providing outlets and resources for underserved youth. As the Director of Pulaski County Youth Services, she has worked to provide drug prevention, leadership development, and academic enrichment programs to children. These services partner with nonprofit organizations and faith communities to provide after-school programs, ACT prep, and tutoring services that work to build financial literacy, job skills, and self-esteem. Jamie wants to continue to invest in children in District 37 and across Arkansas. By supporting legislation like Arkansas’ Safeguards for Children in Foster Care Act, Jamie wants to ensure children in our foster care system are not defined by their circumstance but rather succeed and are treated with dignity and care. All children in Arkansas should feel accepted, safe, and free from discrimination.

Fighting for Quality Education

Public education is a fundamental, critical first step to strengthening our communities. Public schools in Arkansas are increasingly undermined consolidation and the unnecessary expansion of charter schools. Jamie will work to ensure that Arkansas public schools are prioritized and adequately funded. A part of making local public schools equitable and sustainable comes with investing in the communities in which they are located. Jamie supports Universal Pre-K in Arkansas as well as family literacy initiatives, which encourage parents to play an interactive role in being a child’s first teacher. She also advocates for wrap-around services for students from disadvantaged circumstances that focus on eliminating traumatic situations within their homes and full service community schools that provide health, dental, and mental care as well as family engagement courses.

District 37 is home to two community colleges. Community colleges provide two vital paths to ensuring a productive, skilled workforce in Arkansas: a chance for a certificate that qualifies students to directly enter the workforce or a 2-year degree that allows students to transfer to a four year institution. By collaborating with labor organizations and the private sector, Jamie will advocate for schools like Shorter College and UA-Pulaski Technical College to provide courses that will bring our students into the workforce prepared for 21st century jobs involving clean energy and advanced technology.

Standing Up For Women

Jamie knows that women’s healthcare should not be treated as a subset of our nation’s health care. Affordable, accessible reproductive health care should never take a backseat. The Arkansas legislature has voted time and time again to unconstitutionally restrict a woman’s right to choose. Jamie understands that such a decision should be between a woman, her doctor, and her faith. Instead of diminishing women’s rights, Jamie will promote reality-based, comprehensive reproductive education and support patient’s rights and access to low-cost reproductive care.

Women in Arkansas make 82 cents for every dollar men make. Nationally, women of color are paid just 64 cents to every dollar men are paid. More than 150,000 households in Arkansas are headed by women. They and all women deserve equal access to a prosperous life for their hard work. Jamie will fight for legislation in Arkansas that eliminates the wage gap.

Voter Protection in Arkansas

Jamie opposes all forms of voter suppression. The Arkansas legislature is relentless in passing Voter ID laws, which target elderly and minority communities and do little to prevent voter fraud. Jamie believes it should be easy for everyone to vote – that means supporting opportunities to early vote, providing more voting locations, and easier methods of registering to vote, such as legislation for automatic voter registration. Jamie wants to work to fight against discriminatory voter suppression laws, expand access to voting, and implement innovative methods of voter registration.

Criminal Justice Reform

Arkansas also faces a broken criminal justice system. African-Americans only make up 17% of Arkansas’ population; However they make up 42% of our prison population. These staggering numbers highlight the explicit racial disparities in our criminal justice system. It’s time that we face and reduce the biases in our system and work toward more legislation that reduces crime and recidivism rates. Through supporting legislation that lifts harsh judgments on non-violent offenders and programs that prepare all offenders for reentry, we can keep people off the streets and contributing to making Arkansas a better place. Jamie will introduce legislation that reexamines the expungement process to make it more accessible for those who have served their time. We should focus on getting people back to work and transitioning them to become productive members of society, not erecting barriers to their next step.

Protecting Immigrant Communities

Jamie knows that embracing our diversity makes the fabric of our society stronger, our economy more innovative, and our community more inclusive. She’ll work on behalf of all 8,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients who know no other home than America, and she compassionately and responsibly welcomes those fleeing violence. Jamie will work with community activists and other local leaders to ensure local protections for immigrant communities such as providing in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, which increases their accessibility to higher education and providing a larger skilled workforce for Arkansas’ economy. Jamie will also advocate that our federal delegation work towards comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants.

Getting Serious About Infrastructure

Arkansas currently has some of the worst infrastructure in the nation. Many of our bridges are on the verge of collapsing; our cities lack complete sidewalks; we struggle to maintain our county roads; and our wastewater management is less than satisfactory. Infrastructure is the basis of accessibility for safety and health care in our state. If we don’t have strong infrastructure, we are lacking in public safety management. Jamie supports finding sustainable funding that will allow us to adequately maintain bridges and roads. She also wants to find innovative methods to provide public transportation in more areas throughout our state. Quality, clean, accessible public transportation is not only the right thing to do, but a necessity for future economic growth and development.

Keeping It Natural

Jamie believes that we must move towards cleaner, more efficient forms of energy. She supports increased use of solar technology, which will provide dividends of growth to our economy by reducing the cost of energy as well as reducing pollution. She also knows that Arkansas is home to Hot Springs National Park and several other nationally designated and protected lands, which promote tourism to various parts of our state. Not only that, but our public lands are essential to protecting wildlife. Protecting our natural resources keeps us healthy, active, and provides a space for everyone to enjoy what Arkansas has to offer. Jamie will fight to keep the Natural State natural.

Economic Development

Scott’s experience inspires her passion for strengthening communities to be the focus of economic growth and development in District 37. Scott plans to increase economic activity in ways that benefit not only our neighborhoods’ economy but their well being by eliminating food deserts seen throughout the district and implementing wraparound services for school districts. She also will work to generate an environment that will make our communities more business-friendly by creating entrepreneurs, creating a trained workforce and improving local infrastructure.

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